1 - Preview "10 Secrets" PowerPoint at No Cost

Click below to download your PDF copy of Darby's "10 Secrets to World-Class Customer Care" PowerPoint presentation. You are free to use it with your own team and in-house at your company or other organization.  We know you will respect our copyright and the generous offers we make here. Please contact us with any questions and let us support your efforts, as needed. Please click here for:  "10 Secrets" Slides  /  4-page, Color Study Guide

2 - Schedule a "Foundational" Seminar

Once you download the PowerPoint presentation and have participated in Darby's introductory presentation, you will be ready and able to conduct a more detailed team workshop on the "10 Secrets." You will develop your team "Pride Factors." Congratulations. Wow is on its way!

4 - Invite Darby Onsite, or Telephone

Contact Darby anytime for further guidance as you implement the basic principles of "Customer Astonishment" with your team. Learn about other Cornerstone programs to support the creation of your "Culture of Service Excellence." Together, we can customize a development project to meet your overall needs.  

3 - Conduct Your Own "10 Secrets" Workshop

Discover What It Means to Be a CustomerChampion™ - Inquire at Step 2.

For safety and feasibility during the pandemic, Darby will gladly make an introductory presentation online to your work team or community organization. For our Utah clients, a 2 to 3-hour, live seminar with safe-distancing is recommended to include "Q & A" and a workshop opportunity. An honorarium is requested plus travel expense reimbursement. A master copy of our participant Discussion Guide will be included.  Seminar Overview