About Cornerstone - Our Purpose

This site is to welcome our friends and support our clients. It is also a special outreach to businesses in Utah's rural communities and other areas where new leverage on business success is needed as we all look to the end of America's pandemic season. There are many business development programs and technologies to assist you, but nothing is more fundamental than cultivating a "Culture of Service Excellence" that engenders customer loyalty. It's about the person-to-person connection--what Cornerstone is all about. Our economic interdependence is at the heart of our shared prosperity as Americans. The Customer Care principles we teach are about: (a) putting your best foot forward, (b) teamwork, and (c) individual commitment to the spirit of service. We do know there is Power in Wow. Darby's book combined with our training materials and presentations will show you how to unleash your power of WOW.

Customer Loyalty Is the Crowning Achievement in Any Business!

Darby Checketts

I was born in Logan, Utah. Utah is my heartland. I spent sixteen years in the corporate world, principally at Ford Motor Company and Digital Equipment Corporation. Sharon and I founded Cornerstone. I spent 27 years on the road working with over 300 organizational clients in 27 countries. I am the author of 17 books, most of which can be previewed at Amazon.com. After my world travels, Sharon and I took some time off to experience Utah's rural communities and natural places. We live on the Wasatch Front, but own a beloved family retreat in Sanpete County. My life's work is to expand the vision and lift the spirits of those I am privileged to teach and coach. Customer Astonishment is my leverage. As the pandemic subsides, many businesses will be reinventing their futures. The "Power in Wow" will make a difference. In particular, we want to help grassroots America get back on its feet again economically and to see Utah's prosperity spread across our 29 counties.