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Service Excellence: Over the years, Darby Checketts has worked with more than 300 client organizations in twenty-seven countries around the globe. These organizations have embraced the principles of Customer Astonishment as their leaders chose to undertake what we call a Service Excellence Project. Darby's keynotes and leadership briefings will energize your leadership team,

Darby Checketts, Author: Darby is the author of 16 books including such well-known titles as: Customer Astonishment, Leverage: How to Create Your Own Tipping Points, Positive Conflict, The New American Propserity, and The Utah Cure. 

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Slide Presentation: Click Here to view Customer Astonishment: 10 Secrets

Darby Checketts as Speaker: Click Here for info on keynotes and more. is the original Website of Darby Checketts and his associates over the years.

If you wish to obtain information about any of the books and services you associate with Darby Checketts, this is a central resource to help you do so. Please contact us about any of the following:

  1. Darby Author and Keynote Speaker.
  2. Cornerstone Pro-Dev Press / Resilient Books: our publishing arm.
  3. Darby's personal life adventure blog (online book).
  4. CustomerChampion Certification: a landmark product used by our clients. 

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