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Service Excellence: Over the years, Darby Checketts has worked with more than 300 client organizations in twenty-seven countries around the globe. These organizations have embraced the principles of Customer Astonishment as their leaders chose to undertake what we call a Service Excellence Project.

Get Started: There are two affordable ways to get started. We invite you to consider an introductory "Customer Astonishment" briefing to energize your team or a business "walk-through" to help you identify the most immediate opportunities to positively astonish your customers and other stakeholders.


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Welcome to the Age of Customer Astonishment!

"Customer loyalty is the crowning achievement in any business."

Our Company: Darby Checketts and Sharon Checketts established Cornerstone Professional Development in 1985. Darby Checketts has focused his professional career on the process that has always been known as Customer Service. He was challenged to identify new words to characterize the process—new terminology that would breathe new life into the traditional notions of customer care. These new words are: Customer Astonishment™.

The original Customer Astonishment Handbook was published in 1998. The Customer Champion™ professional certification program was launched in 2000. Sharon Checketts oversees this program for Cornerstone clients. As the principles and practices of Customer Astonishment became widely proven, a new book was published in 2006 entitled Customer Astonishment: 10 Secrets to World-Class Customer Care. Our company has been privileged to serve over 300 client organizations around the world as they raised the bar for customer care.

Darby Checketts is available as a service excellence strategist, leadership team coach, and keynote speaker. Speak with him personally at 801-253-0895.